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Iowa International Summer Institute

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:



Paris, France
Madrid, Spain
London, U.K.
Rome, Italy




2.50 GPA and good academic and disciplinary standing

Application Due:

2/6 for all locations, applications still being accepted for Madrid, Paris and Rome for summer 13

Program Cost:

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The Iowa International Summer Institute will offer four General Education Program classes in Europe. Taught by UI faculty, each course will last four weeks, carry 3 semester hours of credit, and fulfill a specific UI General Education Program requirement. The classes will be taught sequentially and based in one of the following cities: Rome, Paris, Madrid, or London. All classes will be taught in English and there is no foreign language proficiency requirement. UI students have the option of taking one, two, or three classes during the summer, and of moving between locations. Assistance and advice about traveling between course locations will be provided by on-site staff. Independent travel before or after attending institute classes is also a possibility.

Academic Program

Students take one class at a time, taught in English. Each class is worth 3 s.h. of UI resident credit. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education applicability for each class is listed in parenthesis. Students admitted to the University of Iowa beginning summer 12 follow the first approval listed and students who were admitted before summer 12 follow the second approval (if more than one is listed). Students in other colleges can use these courses for gen-ed requirements with approval from their college. All courses also have at least one major that they can count for.

Several field trips of relevance to the course will be planned during the 4 weeks of study. For example, if taking Introduction to International Relations, a visit to the Army Museum in Paris may be planned. An overnight excursion to a relevant location outside each city is also planned for each course.

Session I

Departure from US: May 19, 2013
Arrival: May 20, 2013
Program ends: June 14, 2013

Madrid: Diversity in Cultures of Spain 035:090 (Values, Society, and Diversity or Foreign Civilization & Culture), Prof. Luis Martin-Estudillo

Syllabus from 2012PDF

Paris: Introduction to International Relations 030:060 (Social Sciences and International & Global Issues or Social Sciences), Prof. Kelly Kadera

Syllabus from 2012doc

Session II

Departure from US: June 16, 2013
Arrival: June 17, 2013
Program ends: July 12, 2013

Rome: Natural Disasters 012:140 (Natural Sciences w/o lab), Prof. Ingrid Ukstins Peate

Session III will not be offered in summer 2013

London: Criminology 034:050 (Social Sciences), Prof. Karen Heimer, this course has been cancelled for summer 13.

For More Information

Feel free to contact the faculty member for any courses of interest. Students are also invited to meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss their plans further. Schedule an appointment at the study abroad reception desk (1111 UCC) or by phone 319-335-0353.


Paris preserves its noble history and culture in its buildings, monuments, sights, and lifestyle. Half of its buildings are protected under UNESCO. Parisians maintain their cobbled streets that have felt the tread of many wars, uprisings, and celebrations, as well as their buildings that - like any good Parisian - are regularly freshened up. Such is Paris, beautiful and intriguing inside and out. Student residences are located throughout Paris, within a metro ride of the classroom.


Classes will be held in the heart of the traditional Castilian neighborhood of Chamberí, just a few steps away from the historical Instituto Internacional. A walk around this quiet area leads students to such places as the Museo Sorolla and the sunny 19th century Plaza de Chamberí, as well as the neighborhood market. Also nearby, one can find the open-air Museo Arte Público, featuring sculptures by Miró and Chillida, among other Spanish artists.


The greater London area is home to approximately 7.5 million people. It is over 70 miles across and over 300 languages are spoken there (including English!). Founded by Romans, populated continuously since Anglo-Saxon times, and the capital of England from the Middle Ages on, London is home to the British Museum, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and countless but fascinating smaller churches, museums, buildings, and public spaces. Classes in London will be taught in the centrally-located Bloomsbury district near the British Museum, with housing a short ride away by London Underground.


Rome's history spans more than two and a half thousand years. The “Eternal City” is the nation’s capital and largest population center. Today, centuries of history, legend and monuments coexist with the vibrant culture and modern bustle of Romans going about their everyday lives. Classes will be hosted in the beautiful Palazzo Banco S. Spirito on the Piazza dell'Orologio, which is marked by the impressive clock tower by Borromini and is considered the very heart of Rome. This central location is an ideal base for classes and a jumping-off point for onsite study visits.

Living Arrangements

Housing will vary slightly depending on the location of study but in all cases will be furnished apartment or dorm-style housing. The most common arrangement is a shared double room with shared kitchen, bath, and living areas.

Travel Arrangements

Students will be given coaching and instruction on making travel arrangements during orientation. Advice about moving between cities will also be provided to students who enroll in more than one session and change locations. Students who stay in the same site for more than one session will be able to stay in their housing between sessions, students moving between locations will be able to stay in the first location until the start date of classes in the second location. Students going for the first and third session (not taking a class in the second session) will be on their own for independent travel between sessions.

Local Transportation

All host cities offer excellent public transportation (busses, rail, subways) and are major transportation hubs for international travel.


To be eligible to apply for this program, students must have a 2.5 GPA, completed the first year of study, and be in good academic and disciplinary standing.


The base program fee for summer 2013 is $4,100 for students taking a single session (3 s.h.), $7,900 for students participating in two courses (6 s.h.), and $11,700 for students taking courses during all three sessions (9 s.h.). The base program fee includes tuition, housing, orientation, cultural events, an overnight excursion, and local transportation. Additionally, students pay the UI study abroad administrative fees described here and the required Iowa Regents CISI Insurance described here. Students should also be prepared to pay for airfare, most meals, personal expenses, and travel between sites should a student opt to take classes in more than one location. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee.

How to Apply

Download a summer 2013 application PDF here.

Application Deadline

The program application deadline for all locations (London, Paris, Madrid, Rome) was February 6, 2013.

Program enrollment packets

Please complete the following paperwork and return to Study Abroad by April 2. Please note that each location requires you to submit a photo that meets the size and composition requirements of a passport photo. These photos will be used to make the metro/bus pass provided by the program.

PDFMadrid enrollment packet (please note that if you have already turned in a copy of your passport, you do not need to include one as requested on form 6)

PDFParis enrollment packet

PDFRome enrollment packet

Program handbooks

PDFParis handbook

PDFMadrid handbook

PDFRome handbook

Acceptance materials

If you've recently been accepted into the program please download the following documents. Confirmation materials and deposit are due to the study abroad office by February 21st.

PDF IISI Confirmation and Withdrawal 2013

PDF Medical Self-assessment form

PDF Information for students wanting to use federal financial aid

PDF Insurance Information


All accepted students will participate in a program-specific orientation as well as a large-group study abroad orientation.