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Russia in the 21st Century: Language & Culture, or Contemporary Russia

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:



Moscow, Russia




2.75 GPA: Sophomore status or higher

Application Due:

Fall/Summer: 3/1

Spring: 10/15


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This eight week program is aimed at students with an interest in Russian language and culture and the disciplines of Political Science and International Relations. It is designed by the University of Iowa in partnership with the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. Students will have a choice between two separate academic tracks: Russian Language and Culture or Contemporary Russian Politics (the Contemporary Russian Politics track will not be offered during Summer 2015).

The Russian Language and Culture track, hosted by the Pushkin Institute, will allow participants to immerse themselves in Russian culture during the entire eight week session.

The Contemporary Russian Politics track will allow students to study Russian language at the Pushkin Institute, followed by a course on Russian politics (not offered Summer 2015).


There are two separate academic tracks for this program: Russian Language and Culture and Contemporary Russian Politics. Students in the Russian Language and Culture track will spend their entire eight weeks primarily studying language, literature, and culture.

Participants who choose the Contemporary Russian Politics track will spend the first month of the program studying Russian language and culture, then take a political science course during the second month (not offered Summer 2015).

Students that elect to participate in the Russian Language and Culture track will receive eight semester hours' worth of Russian language credit. This will likely be broken down into two hours for oral practice, two hours for vocabulary/grammar, one hour for listening, one hour for writing, one hour for reading, and one additional hour taken in a special course on culture or literature.

Students on the Contemporary Russian Politics track will receive a total of eight semester hours worth of credit: five hours of Russian language credit, and three hours for the Contemporary Russian Politics course (equivalent to The University of Iowa course 30:141) (not offered Summer 2015).

UI Political Science Professor William Reisinger is familiar with this program and helps students prepare for the Political Science course. UI Lecturer of Russian Language Irina Kostina helps Russian Language majors understand how this credit applies to their degree. Students should expect to bring back eight semester hours of credit. For more general information, please contact the relevant study abroad advisor.

You can find more information on the sponsoring institutions, please visit the host universities' websites:

The Pushkin Institute


Program dates for summer 2015 have not yet been released. Participants can expect the dates to be similar so summer 2014. Program dates for summer 2014 were: May 31, 2014 - July 27, 2014.


The program fee (tuition and housing) for this program in the Summer 2014 session was $2,200. The program fee for Summer 2015 has not yet been finalized. While Study Abroad tries to keep program fees the same, students can expect no more than a 10% increase in cost for the Summer 2015 session.

For More Info

Please come to the Study Abroad Resource Room for more general information on the steps to studying abroad. If you are ready to apply, please make an appointment with the program coordinator. Call 319-335-0353 to schedule an appointment.

The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Pushkin is considered the premier institution in Russia for teaching the Russian language to international students. Participants at all language levels can expect intense and high quality academic instruction.


This program will be held in Russia's capital, Moscow, population 11.5 million. World famous as the cultural and political heart of the nation, Moscow embodies the collision of Russia’s Soviet past with its capitalist future. This unique city serves as an excellent destination for studying Russian language and culture while also contemplating the nation’s place in the world during the 21st century.


Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation, is the world’s largest country by land area, stretching from Eastern Europe all the way to East Asia. The majority of Russia’s 142 million citizens live in the eastern section of the country neighboring Europe, though several large cities are sprinkled throughout the rest of the nation. Russia’s growth into a superpower after World War II put it at political odds with the US, but the two nations have grown closer after the opening up of Russia in the 80s and 90s.

Living Arrangements

Participants in both tracks will be housed in double or triple rooms at the Pushkin Institute. Below are photos of a standard Pushkin residence hall room and some of the campus.

residence hall room

Travel Arrangements

Airfare is not included in the program fee but students will work with Study Abroad to determine the best time for arrival. Students will also receive support from the UI as well as the Pushkin Institute when applying for a Russian visa. More information on travel arrangements will be provided after the application cycle has concluded.


2.75 GPA; sophomore status or higher; academic background in Political Science or Russian Language is desirable, but not required.


The UI has not currently calculated the exact costs for the Summer 2015 session of this program. Below are the costs for the 2014 session:

Russian Language and Culture: The program fee (tuition and housing) for this program in the Summer 2015 session is $2,200. The total estimated cost of attendance can be viewed in pdf format by clicking the following link: PDFRussia in the 21st Century Estimated Cost.

The program fee includes all educational and administrative costs, housing, some program excursions and activities, and health insurance. It does not include airfare, meals, passport, visa or personal expenses. Financial aid and scholarships are available for qualified students.

How to Apply

Applications are available here.

Application Deadline

March 1 for fall, October 15 for spring, March 1 for summer.

Study Abroad will provide information regarding confirmation and preparation after the application cycle. Please contact the program coordinator for more information.

Acceptance Materials

The following items should be READ and kept for your records:

PDFPayment and Withdrawal Policy

PDFUI Financial Aid Information

Health Insurance Information

Orientation Information

Participants are required to attend a large group pre-departure orientation for all outgoing study abroad students. More information regarding orientation will be provided at a later date.