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Iowa Regents Semester in Ireland

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


Cork, Ireland




Minimum eligibility requirements include sophomore standing and a 3.0 grade point average (4.0 scale).

Application Due:

3/27 for fall/academic year

Program Cost:

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This semester or academic year program offers students the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of courses in a variety of disciplines at the University College Cork (UCC), one of the oldest universities in Ireland. Students are fully integrated academically and socially with their Irish peers, living in student housing and attending regular classes at UCC.

Academic Program

University College Cork has four colleges: Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, Business and Law, Medicine and Health and Science, Engineering and Food Science. University of Iowa students can choose from a huge variety of courses in each of these areas of study.

In addition to the courses open to all students at the University College Cork, study abroad students can take advantage of a number of other unique opportunities at UCC as part of this program depending on a student's interests and length of study.

Fall semester and Academic year students

Students who attend UCC in the fall will participate in their 'Early Start Semester', which includes an intensive 3.5 week course on an Irish theme specially designed for visiting students. Check out the links below for more information about the current 'Early Start' offerings:

Irish Archeology
Irish Folklore and Tradition
History and Modern Ireland
Literatures in Ireland
Irish Traditional Music
Management & Marketing in the European Union

Following the Early Start courses, students enroll in regular UCC classes for the remainder of the fall semester.

Spring semester and Academic Year students

Students who attend UCC in the spring do not take an 'Early Start' course, instead enrolling directly into University College Cork classes for the entirety of the semester. Students attending UCC in the spring semester have the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Irish Politics, which includes field trips to Dublin and Belfast.

Students who attend UCC for a full academic year may obtain a Certificate in Irish Studies, or a Diploma in Irish Traditional Music.

All students

Take a look at the full list of course options open to study abroad students by exploring University College Cork's "What Can I Study?" page , and the "Book of Modules for Visiting Students".

Cultural Activities

The UCC International Office arranges some field trips during orientation. The Student Union has a travel agency that arranges low-cost trips for students, and also many student-run clubs and societies, which are a great way to meet Irish students.

Program Dates

The academic year closely follows the U.S. academic year. Specific dates for the Fall 2014 session are below (dates for the Spring 2015 session will be available in early Fall 2014).

Arrival/Program Begins - August 14, 2014
August 15- Orientation
August 18 - September 5- Early Start course
September 8 - November 28- Autumn Semester
December 1 - December 5- Study Review Week
December 8 - December 19- Autumn Examinations
December 20, 2014- Fall session ends

For More Information

Cory Petersen, Advisor and Program Coordinator
Study Abroad | International Program
1111 University Capitol Centre
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

To make an appointment to discuss this program, please call our office number, 319-335-0353. The person who answers the phone can set up an appointment for you.

University College Cork

There are over 18,000 students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies. To cater to the ever-growing student numbers, a large-scale building program is ongoing. In addition, many older buildings have been refurbished and other buildings have been repurposed for academic purposes. A modern campus has emerged from these developments, pleasantly combining early and modern architecture along a riverside garden setting close to the city center. The campus radiates a warm and intimate atmosphere which greatly enhances the learning environment.


Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, is located on the south coast, 160 miles southwest of the capital, Dublin. The greater Cork area has a population in excess of 200,000. The city is a busy seaport and is the home of a large number of industries. Cork is about 30 minutes from the ocean and is surrounded by green fields and gently rolling hills. It is the "gateway" city to the southwest of Ireland, which is noted for its rugged scenery, quaint villages, and pleasant people. The peninsulas of Dingle and Iveragh are very popular with tourists and study abroad students. Irish is still spoken in many places in County Cork and neighboring County Kerry.

Living Arrangements

Students may choose from a variety of housing options, including apartment/dormitory style living, host families, or off-campus accommodation. Depending on the arrangements, UI students may live with local students, with other international students, or alone.

Travel Arrangements

Students are free to make their own travel arrangements after being officially accepted into the program. Although there is no specific 'group flight', you will receive contact information for all of the program participants which will allow students to find a travel partner to Cork. You will receive information about traveling from the airport to your accommodation as part of your acceptance packet from the University College Cork.

Local Transportation

Cork has a good public transportation and a pedestrianized city center. Students can navigate the main areas of the city on foot or by bike (when the weather cooperates). Taxis are available throughout the city, but they can be expensive. Cork is well connected to the rest of Ireland by bus and train, and to the rest of Europe by a major airport just outside the city.


Minimum eligibility requirements include sophomore standing and a 3.0 grade point average (4.0 scale).


The program fee for for fall 2014 is $10,084 for Iowa residents and $11,728 for non-residents. The program fee includes all educational and administrative fees, orientation, and some cultural activities.

It does not include $50 application fee, round trip airfare (approximately $1500 from Cedar Rapids), housing (approx. $3,000), food (approximately. $2,700), passport (approx. $135) and Irish Immigration registration fees (approx. $400), textbooks (approx. $475), local transportation ($300+), immunizations (variable), CISI health insurance (approx. $120) or any personal expenses ($2,500+).

University of Iowa study abroad administrative fees are included for all participants. They are based on tuition set by the Iowa Board of Regents. Please check the Costs of Study Abroad page for more information on these administrative fees.

Program cost sheet

See below for a the cost sheet detailing all of the estimated program costs for Spring 2013. This will be updated with a 2014-2015 cost sheet in the coming weeks.


PDFRegents Ireland cost sheet- Spring 2013

How to Apply

Preliminary application forms are due early in the semester prior to studying abroad. Applications are then sent to the host university for review, where final acceptance decisions are made. Applicants are notified of their acceptance status by the host university by November for the spring session, and by late March or early April for the following fall/academic year.

Students should make an appointment with Cory Petersen, the program coordinator for the Iowa Regents Semester in Ireland, to obtain application materials.

Please call the Study Abroad office (1111 University Capitol Centre) at 319-335-0353 to set up an appointment, or email Cory with any questions at Please contact your study abroad advisor for more information on the application process.

Application Deadline

Final applications are due on March 27 for the fall 2014 and academic year 2014/2015.

Pre-Departure Materials

Here's a short video that will help introduce you to your new home in Cork!

The web site of the International Office at University College Cork provides great information for students preparing to live and study in Ireland. Particularly relevant are the sections titled "Visiting US and Non-EU Students," "Student Information and Services," and "Accommodations."

The Visiting US and Non-EU Students site includes links to the UCC on-line course and module catalog, immigration information, semester dates, and a visiting student handbook, among other useful things (check the links on the left side of the page).

The Student Information and Services page contains instructions on how to travel to Cork, information about the cost of living in Ireland, a campus map, and many useful links, including one to the student clubs and societies at UCC. It is highly recommended that you join at least one club or society to meet Irish students.

The Accommodations site will help you determine where you want to live in Cork by providing information about costs and locations of housing.

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