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CIEE Buenos Aires Liberal Arts Program

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


Buenos Aires, Argentina




Overall 2.75 GPA; 5 semesters of college level Spanish or equivalent; Spanish language course and college level Latin American Studies courses recommended.

Application Due:

Spring: 10/15
Fall/Academic Year: 3/15

Program Cost:

Click the Application tab.

The Buenos Aires Liberal Arts Program for advanced Spanish students with strong language skills offers a combination of specially designed classes at FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales) and direct enrollment in courses in the academic departments and faculties at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina, and the Instituto Nacional Universitario de Arte. The program requires strong language preparation and is designed to provide a critical appreciation of Argentina and its importance in Latin America from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities. This is done through a combination of coursework, cultural activities facilitated by Grupos de Interés with Argentine peers, community service and volunteering, and housing that provides immersion. This program is administered by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) on behalf of a consortium of which The University of Iowa is a member. Participants join a group of students from other U.S. colleges and universities. UI students earn resident credit on this program.

Academic Program

Students are placed in one of six levels of language proficiency based on a placement test upon arrival and are required to take a language class at their level. Only levels 7 and 8 may be exempt from the required language class.

CIEE FLACSO courses are specially designed according to the academic expectations in the U.S. system and are taught in Spanish by experts in their field to CIEE students only. Language classes are taught for international students from around the world at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Direct enrollment classes are taken with other Argentine students. Students take four to six courses each semester, including one or two FLACSO courses, a language course if required, and three or four university direct enrollment courses. CIEE organizes supervised tutorials with argentine students that are either classmates or department graduate students for particular classes, to help in overcoming the challenges presented by study in a different academic culture. On the semester program students typically earn between 15 sh and 23 sh.

Program Dates

Program dates are tied to the southern academic calendar. Fall semester runs mid-July to mid-December. Spring semester runs mid-February to mid-July. Year-long study abroad runs mid-July to mid-July of the following year.

For More Information

Students are required to meet with the program advisor in the UI Study Abroad office before initiating an application. Program details are found at this CIEE webpage.


Founded by the UN agency for education, culture and science, the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales has the largest postgraduate teaching and research program in the social sciences in Latin America. Its faculty is associated with several local universities, and branches are to be found in several Latin American countries.


The Universidad de Buenos Aires is the pre-eminent national university of Argentina, enrolling 150,000 students. Study relies heavily on student self-motivation and self-direction.


The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Argentina is a mid-size university ranked among the country’s top private institutions. Class size tends to be smaller and classroom culture more familiar to U.S. students. It has an excellent, well-stocked library.


The Instituto Nacional Universitario de Arte offers a wide range of classes in the arts; these are open to students who meet the prerequisites for any given class.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a sophisticated metropolis of 13 million inhabitants. In the 19th century it was dubbed the Paris of Latin America for the elegance of its buildings and the intellectual vitality of its café life. Its distinct neighborhoods invite a study of immigration and the varying moments of economic development over time. Among other attributes, Buenos Aires is a center of the Spanish publishing world. Markets and artistic life takes place in the streets. Porteños are fashion conscious and take pride in keeping fit.

Living Arrangements

Housing, breakfast and one additional meal are included in the program fee. Students live in a private home or in a student residencia double occupancy room with a native Spanish speaker. Homestay hosts come from a variety of lifestyles that can be matched with a student’s preferred living environment. In order to create a network of Argentines beyond the host home that students can interact with, all CIEE students and host families from a same neighborhood meet over a shared meal in the early weeks of the program. Year students with a two and a half month break between semesters are responsible for their own housing and meals during that period.

Travel Arrangements

Students make their own travel arrangements to arrive in Buenos Aires by a designated date. Specific information will be provided in post-acceptance materials from CIEE.


Overall GPA 2.75; 5 semesters of college-level Spanish or equivalent; Spanish language course the session prior to study abroad recommended; college-level coursework in Latin American Studies recommended.


The Program Fee is charged on the U Bill and covers tuition, housing, some meals, group excursions, orientation and other support services, an iNext travel card that provides insurance and other travel benefits, and the UI administrative fee.

The semester fee Fall 2013 was $16,034 for students that are classified resident, $17,630 for non-residents. Additional costs include round-trip airfare, visa fees, books and supplies, some meals and personal expenses.

The Iowa Regents mandatory International CISI insurance will also be collected on the U bill.

How to Apply

Before starting an application for this program, students must meet with their study abroad advisor to discuss their program selection and receive information about supplemental materials that are required for an application. Appointments can be set up in person at 1111 UCC or over the phone at 319-335-0353. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and early application is advisable.

After meeting with your advisor, click here to begin the UI application.

Application Deadline

Application deadlines are October 15 for the spring semester and March 15 for the fall and academic year programs.

Following acceptance, students receive arrival and other information from CIEE, as well as a Program Handbook with comprehensive student information for Argentina.

All students attend a general TIPS orientation for UI Students Studying Abroad. Additional individualized meetings address specific topics, as well as billing and credit procedures at Iowa.

CIEE also conducts online orientations for its students.

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