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ISEP University of Malta

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


Msida, Greater Valletta, Malta




3.0 GPA, junior standing

Application Due:

Exchange: 1/30 for Fall, Year 8/15 for Spring
Direct: rolling through 10 days before deadline posted on ISEP webpage

Program Cost:

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Through the University of Iowa’s membership in ISEP, the International Student Exchange Program, UI students have the opportunity to study for a semester or academic year at the University of Malta. Students on ISEP have access to the courses, services, and activities of the host university the same as any local student. An ISEP coordinator facilitates housing arrangements and assists with registration. ISEP students enroll in classes from the regular curriculum for local degree-seeking students.

Direct enrollment at a host institution abroad means adjusting to a new and different academic system and will require resourcefulness and a good measure of self-directedness in your studies. Fields of particular interest at Malta are history, music, anthropology, archeology, Mediterranean civilizations.

The program fee for study on ISEP Exchange is based on 12 s.h. of your regular UI tuition. ISEP Direct was developed as an affordable alternative at sites where spaces generated by outgoing Exchange students are not sufficient to accommodate the demand for incoming exchange. The ISEP Direct fee varies by host institution and local living costs; not all members offer the option.

UI students earn transfer credit on the ISEP program.

Program Dates

The academic calendar at the University of Malta runs September - January and February - June.

For More Information

Visit the ISEP webpage here. Hover your cursor over the bar For U.S. Students. Go to Malta and click on the name of the university. Also be mindful of the section on Sites Available, which changes over time.
Once you have explored, proceed no further until you have met with the ISEP advisor in the UI Study Abroad office. Meet to discuss the ISEP process and receive instructions for application.


Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, directly south of Italy. This particular location has afforded it significance since antiquity (Phoenicians, Romans, vandals and byzantines), through Arab and Norman periods in the Middle ages, into the 16th century as home-base to the Knights of Malta’s european line of defense against the Ottoman empire, later a pawn in Napoleon’s thrust into Egypt, next, voluntary member of the British empire and finally, theater of war in both World Wars.

Malta Island in the largest of the three major islands constituting the Maltese archipelago. The capital of Valletta, colloquially known as Il-Belt (or The City), is built on a finger thrusting into a large inlet on the east-central coast of the island. Valetta strictly speaking refers to the historic walled citadel, built in the 16th Century under the rule of the Knights Hospitaller – much of the subsequent baroque architectural character remains to this day.

The University of Malta is located in the larger urban agglomeration of Greater Valletta, in the bustling harbor town of Msida.

Maltese (Malti) is the language spoken on the islands though English is the official language. A great majority of the classes at the university are taught in English.

Travel Arrangements

Students make their own travel arrangements to arrive on campus by a designated date. Specific information will be provided in post-acceptance materials from ISEP. An Institutional Information Sheet will provide detailed information for travel, contacts in the international office, details about housing and other nuts and bolts.


Students must be flexible in their choice of classes, ready to be self-directed in their studies; a 3.0 GPA and junior standing are preferred.


The Program fee, collected by the University of Iowa, includes tuition, administrative fees, room and board.

The semester program fee on ISEP Exchange is based on 12 s.h. of your regular tuition plus an administrative fee of $425, and room and board in the Mayflower residence halls.

The ISEP Direct fee is posted on the website, and covers tuition, housing and meals; an additional UI administrative fee for the semester is approximately $980 for students classified resident, $2570 for nonresidents.

The Iowa Regents mandatory International Health Insurance is also collected on the U bill.

Additional expenses include air fare, ISEP insurance, visa fees, vaccinations as required, and personal expenses.

In general, financial aid received to attend the University of Iowa may be applied toward the cost of studying abroad. Aid eligibility is adjusted to reflect the total cost of participating on the program. In addition, students are encouraged to apply for need- and merit-based scholarships awarded by the Study Abroad office. Complete information is available in the office.

How to Apply

Students submit their application to the ISEP adviser in the UI Study Abroad office. Please schedule an appointment to review placement options and to obtain a Supplementary Instructions for Application sheet.

Students should also discuss their plans with their academic adviser and other appropriate faculty.

Application Deadline


The on-campus application deadline for fall or year is January 30. For best chances of placement on Exchange, students should have met with the ISEP adviser in December prior to the end of the semester. Deadline for spring semester placement is August 15. Students should have met with the ISEP adviser in May prior to the end of the semester, or during the summer.


Deadlines for ISEP Direct vary by site and are posted on the ISEP webpage. On-campus deadline is 10 days earlier.

Orientation Information

A Country Handbook, found at Placed Students on the ISEP webpage, provides practical information for living in Malta.

Once confirmed by your host university, you will receive a Participant Placement Acceptance packet from ISEP covering all aspects of your placement. You will also later receive a welcome mailing from Malta with important academic and arrival information.

All UI students attend a general TIPS orientation for students studying abroad. Additional individualized meetings address specific topics, as well as billing and credit procedures at Iowa.

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