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ISEP Thammasat University, Thailand

Fast Facts

Thammasat University

Founded in 1934, Thammasat University has educated many prominent members of the Thai civil administration. Over the years, Thammasat students have been known for their activism and have played a major role in Thai politics. Most classrooms are air-conditioned. A large performing arts hall hosts plays, concerts, lectures, and guest performers. The university is located on the Chao Phrya River near the center of the original Bangkok and several important sites such as Thailand’s most sacred temples, government ministries, the Grand Palace, the National Theater, and the National Museum. About 25,000 students are enrolled at Thammasat.

The university is centered on a compact campus, Tha Prachan, formerly the viceroy's palace grounds on the Chao Phrya River, near the center of the original Bangkok. The campus is close to some of Thailand's most sacred temples and many government ministries, as well as the Grand Palace of the reigning Chakri dynasty, the National Theater and National Museum. All existing international programs, except Engineering and Science, are located at the Tha Prachan campus. The Rangsit campus, approximately one hour from the Tha Prachan campus, houses science-related faculties and is adjacent to the Asian Institute of Technology.


Bangkok is the political and cultural capital of Thailand and home to around 11 million people. For a country known for its smiles and beaches, Bangkok may not seem like the Thailand of a traveler’s imagination, but the fact is it’s one of the most cosmopolitan cities in all of Asia. Skyscrapers sit next to ancient temples still in use by Thailand’s mostly Buddhist populace.


Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a peninsular country of about 67 million people. A constitutional monarchy, this largely Buddhist nation has seen rapid growth over the years as tourists flocked in looking for jungle adventures or deserted beaches. Thailand has a long, rich history with great cuisine to match.

Travel Arrangements

Students make their own travel arrangements to arrive in Bangkok by a designated date. Specific information will be provided in Participant Placement Acceptance packet from ISEP. An Institutional Information Sheet will provide detailed information for travel, contacts in the international office, information on accommodations and other nuts and bolts.

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