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CIEE Seville Business & Society Program

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


Seville, Spain




5 semesters college level Spanish or equivalent, minimum GPA 2.75, 3 semesters of economics, accounting, finance, management, marketing or statistics, must have valid passport at time of application.

Application Due:

9/15for Spring
3/1 for Fall/ Academic Year

Program Cost:

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This semester or academic year program, established in 1986, offers students an opportunity to study business in an international context through a combination of course work in Spanish business, society, and language, and related field visits to Spanish companies. Housing in Spanish-speaking homes or in student residencias encourages first-hand experience with the Spanish way of life. Designed for highly motivated students of business with advanced-level Spanish skills, the program is located at the University of Seville's Business School, the Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales. Some unpaid and non-credit internships may be available to students with advanced language ability and the appropriate background and job skills. This program is administered by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) on behalf of a consortium of which the University of Iowa is a member.

Academic Program

Students begin the program with a one-month intensive course, "Spanish for Students of Business and Economics" and then select from additional classes covering issues in finance, management, operations and marketing which they study for the remainder of the semester. The business courses are taught in Spanish by faculty from the Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales (FCEE). Students are also encouraged to enroll in, or audit, regular University of Seville or Pablo de Olavide University business courses when appropriate. Students can supplement their schedules up to 2 classes offered by the CIEE Liberal Arts Program.

UI Students earn resident credit which may be applied toward the following General Education Areas: Foreign Civilization & Culture, and Historical Perspectives. Spanish majors and minors have a large choice of courses that can fulfill requirements by the Spanish department. Credit earned on this program may satisfy requirements for the International Business Certificate; some courses may satisfy requirements in the College of Business.

Students have the opportunity to gain practical work experience through an internship. All internships have a challenging academic component. Eligibility for the internship is determined by the students' language ability, job skills, background, and professional attitude. Internships are not guaranteed as Spanish firms make the final selection of eligible students.

At least three company visits are organized each semester to complement students' academic studies through first-hand exposure to business in Spain and Europe.

Program Dates

This program's calendar follows the typical U.S. academic calendar closely (early January to late May). Students taking regular University of Seville and Pablo de Olavide University courses must remain in Seville for the University exam periods in late June or early July (spring semester). This program's fall calendar follows the typical U.S. academic calendar closely (early September to mid-December). Students taking regular University of Seville and Pablo de Olavide University courses must remain in Seville for the University exam periods in late January or early February.

For More Information

Please come to the Study Abroad Resource Room for a CIEE program catalog that contains much more detailed information than available on our webpage.

University of Seville

Since its establishment in the 16th century, the University of Seville has been one of Spain's leading institutions of higher learning, today serving some 60,000 students in its various locations. The CIEE program classes are taught at the university's Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales (FCEE) by university faculty; all business classes are taught by specialists from the FCEE. The FCEE has an enrollment of 7,000 students and is housed in a contemporary building some 15 minutes from the central campus in downtown Seville.


Seville, capital of Andalusia in Southern Spain, is one of the country's most important cultural, religious, political and intellectual centers. The greater metropolitan area numbers nearly one million inhabitants. A mixture of old and new, it has outstanding historical monuments such as the Moorish tower of La Giralda, the Alcazar palace and the Cathedral, as well as modern developments realized for the 1992 World Exhibition. Spain's third city, with fewer than 800,000 people, Seville has ties to Northern Africa and the Arab world.

Living Arrangements

Students live in Spanish-speaking homes or student dormitories (spring semester for academic year students only). Meals are taken at the place of residence. Based upon student feedback and experience, living in a homestay is the best way to improve language skills and feel more a part of the local culture. Meals are taken at the homestay. Laundry privileges are included in the program fee. Every effort is made to individually and in their own room. However, during the spring semester, individual rooms are not guaranteed, and many CIEE students share their room/homestay with another CIEE student.


Minimum pre-requisites include five semesters of college-level Spanish or equivalent ; a grade point average of at least 2.75; and six semester hours of economics (micro/macro), accounting, finance, management, or statistics. A good background in math/statistics will help students grasp the more theoretical focus of European business instruction. Students must have a valid passport at the time of application.

Application Deadline

The online application for the spring session of this program will be available from 8/1 to 9/20. Any supplemental materials are due to the study abroad office one week later.

The application deadline for fall and academic year programs is February 21st.

How to Apply

Before starting an application for this program, students should must meet with their study abroad advisor to discuss their program selection and receive information about supplemental materials that are required for an application. Appointments can be set up in person at 1111 UCC or over the phone at 319-335-0353.

Click here to apply.

Final admissions decisions are made by CIEE in Portland. Well-qualified candidates endorsed by Study Abroad are seldom rejected.


The program fee for spring programs is available by September 15. The program fee for fall and academic year students is available on February 15. This program fee includes an optional on-site airport greet, tuition, housing and all meals in homestays or a monthly meal stipend in University residencias, orientation, cultural activities, local excursions, travel insurance, and the UI administrative fee. The program fee does not include transportation to Spain, personal expenses, books and supplies, visa expenses, and local transportation.

Orientation Information

All participants attend a pre-departure orientation specific to the program as well as a general study abroad orientation. CIEE also conducts online orientations for their students.